18 March 2020 By Gustav Holberg Off


Change is the only constant in our univerese, nothing is what it was, nothing will be as it is. At times the changes seem miniscule and some times like a raging storm that ravages the world as we know it. You can ignore it, try to live your life as you always have or you could accnowlege it and thereby take more control of it. Change is at the core of all creation.

Change is also the very reason why and how Astralseid was born. The first 20 years as a musician I had this idea that all my music should be accoustic, all the sounds from real instruments, played by real people. One day I realised that I had only put a limitation for my self, denying the change that technology has brought to music. So I started to explore the more digital ways of making music. My first two electronic tracks were born and a new world opened up.

A few years later I started collaborating with Runahild and that sparked more change. We both have mainly been working with acoustic music, more or less in the folk category, but we both had a dream of making electronic stuff. It did not take long before the first track was made: “Skydance”, and a new project was born: “Astralseid”.

At present we are working on a full length release. We have not set any time line yet, as we want to take the time we need for the release to be as good as possible. Stay tuned for more news…