Digital Single, released 28th of April 2020.

We humans used to live in mutualistic symbiosis with nature. At some point we figured out that we could shape our surroundings and started destroying all that was around us, to fill it with only what we wanted. The peaceful symbiosis was broken and we had become parasites of Mother Earth.

What we fail to see is that everything is connected. Most parasites that kills its host has an exit strategy, a way to reach a new host. We have none. If we kill our host, we also kill our selves. We need to reconnect, to re-establish the mutualistic symbiosis with nature. We need to get back into the loving arms of Mother Nature. Our consciouness and spirit in a symbiotic relationship with eachother, nature and the universe.

This track is a part of the coming album Spirit Symbiosis, which will release 7th of May 2020. The whole album is created paralell to Runahilds new album, which will release later this year (2020), and will feature a totally different version of this track. Stay tuned for more information!


  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gustav Holberg and Runahild at Seidsang Studio.
  • Electronics by Gustav Holberg.
  • Vocals, violin and electronics by Runahild.
  • Photography by Runahild.
  • Cover art by Runahild and Gustav Holberg.