With this Astralseid release, Gustav Holberg revisits some of his long lost compositions, in a quest for completion. It has been a long, personal and wild ride to get this album done. The old and dusty, that never got its glory, now transformed by new found knowledge and inspiration.

Astralseid Proudly Presents

Electric Love”

Digital album to be released on all major platforms 23. August 2021.

Electric Love is an explosion of genre-breaking tracks, with a fine blend of electronic and organic sounds, best described as “Psychedelic Ethno” or “Psychedelic Fusion“. Lending elements from many styles and genres like psybient, psytrance, ethno and rune folk. Inspired by a wide arrange of artists, like Shpongle, Dead Can Dance, Suduaya and Wardruna. All this mixed into a big pot of bubbling emotions, woven into a story of an inner journey, a trip worth taking. The album has 6 tracks, clocking in at 41 minutes in total length. Produced and performed by Gustav Holberg, featuring Rúnahild’s voice on two tracks.

You can pre-save the album on Spotify, so that it is added to your liked albums when released.

Stay tuned for more information…