For the album Shamanic Love I hired Independent Music Promotions to help with promotion for of the album, and they managed to get a lot of reviews. Some of them really strikes the core of what Astralseid is intended to be.

Here are some of the highlights. Tell us what you think in the comment section!

“Shamanic Love touches the peak of what organic electronica can be. Deeply spiritual, illuminating, grounding, and transcendent. There must be a magic surrounding their Norwegian hideaway in the mountains because the music that they are able to translate from there taps into the heart of this living, breathing planet.”

Music News

“Shamanic Love’ is their new release and they say their music is designed to make you dance naked around a bonfire. Well, as I’m lockdown, I danced in my pants around my Himalayan salt lamp instead.”

Higher Plain Music

“‘Shadow Love’ and ‘Skydance’ will really set the mood, giving you the feeling of becoming the children of the wild. Are you ready to jump into this audio journey of human consciousness and spirituality? This is the album for you.”

Global Dance Electronic

“Astralseid’s music is created in what is described by their press as an “earthen cabin, situated on an organic mountain-farm in Western Norway,” and these four  tracks on Shamanic Love do sound otherworldly and mostly disconnected from popular genre and commercialism. “Tribal Ambient” anyone?”

Short and Sweet

“If there’s one thing that we can say to better describe Shamanic Love, is that it shows a perfect marriage between contrasts. It is a proof of the versatility of these two talented musicians, fusing the primal and the futuristic directly from their off-grid cabin, with their electronic instruments.”


“Sometimes album titles don’t tell you much. But with Shamanic Love, the second album by the Norwegian electronic duo Astralseid, the title is certainly perfect guidance of what you can expect musically. With the accent on shamanic.”

Echoes and Dust

“With Shamanic Love, the duo taps into a sort of primal energy that is sure to take you on a spiritual journey within.”

Audible Addixion

“The project seems to be dedicated to injecting real spirituality back into psytrance, and they do it by reaching back into their ancestry for inspiration.”

Your EDM

This track [Shadow Love] reminds me of Dead Can Dance, Return to the Source and Branco de Gaia. I’d recommend listening to the whole album, on repeat, for several days.

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