The very first tones I composed for this tune was back when I was studying Indian Classical Music in Varanasi, India. I had a shabby indian made guitar, a real “Givson” (Yes, the indian “v” is pronounced almost as a western “b”). At times when I was tired of repeating my paltas (practices) on the Sarangi, I some times picked up the guitar and played something random. Slowly a melody and theme grew out of it and I continued to hone and polish it for years before I even attempted to record it. The version you hear here is five attempts later. I never got the sound and feel of the recordings right. So this time I was determined to fix that and it ended up as something completely different from where it started. From a calm guitar tune, to a trippy madness more in the style of Shpongle.

The scale has changed too. When I was playing the melody on keyboard I simply used the wrong scale, but it sounded better so I kept that “mistake”.

Now is the time for rebirth. The rebirth of your own self and every soul of the universe. The transformation goes slowly at first, but souls ready to become are eager to get there, the place where soul, self and ego meet in joyous dance. Celebrating the freedom of weirdness!

Metempsychosis is one of six tracks from the coming album: “Electric Love”.

Stay tuned for more…