I had so much fun doing a live performance with this project. Mostly I’ve been doing fully acoustic concerts and most of those concerts have been pure improvisations as that is what I enjoy the most. To be honest I’m not very interested in doing stricktly arranged songs on stage at all. I easily get bored and loose the nerve and magic of performing live. With improvisations I thrive. I can let go and follow the flow, channeling the emotions of then and there. Purely being in the moment.

When putting together the first Astralseid live set I had this in mind. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to perform the tracks already created for the project, without ending up with a boring arrangement, losing the beauty of improvisation. The solution was to create loops from all the tracks, putting them into Logic’s Live Loops, making it possible to arrange each track live on stage and to improvise on top of the loops, with vocals, drums and other instruments. This setup means that every Astralseid performance will be unique, as it should.

The performance at Midgardsblot really inspired me to do more live shows, to be in the moment of creation, with a dancing and trancing audience. I’m looking forward to further develop the setup and to do more live shows in the future.

Here’s a short video from the first Astralseid live performance, with Rúnahild and Kjell Braaten, filmed by an ecstatic, dancing Jonas Lorentzen (Nebala).

Would you like more of this? Would you like Astralseid to throw a rave near you, at your favourite festival or club? Help me spread the word and we will se what the future brings…