Making psychedelic artwork is not easy at all, specially when you, like me, haven’t got much experience on the field. My goal is to make psychedelic art, based on photos of nature. To twist the original photo to expose patterns and shapes often seen in modern psychedelic art. At the same time keeping the organic feel of it all. I’ve tried to do this with all three Astralseid covers, and I’m quite satisfied. It does take a lot of effort and it is only few photos of nature that, I find, lend it self to the process of psychedelification.

For the coming album Electric Love a photo of a birch full of water droplets, taken by Rúnahild, was transformed, and for the cover of Shamanic Love a photo of Reindeer lichen. For the debut album a photo of ice.

Here you can see the original photos from which the covers were made and the finished artwork. As you can see they have gone through severe transformations. I have been using Gimp on the computer and Procreate on an iPad.

Here you have the original photo of ice on the ground, taken by Rúnahild.

Transformed by both me and Rúnahild.

On a road trip over the mountains I took this photo og Reindeer Lichen.

And turned it into this with Gimp.

Another great photo by Rúnahild. A birch covered with water droplets reflecting the sun.

After a lot of experimentation the photo was transformed into this. Using Gimp on the computer and Procreate on the iPad.