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Ethereal, psychedelic, ambient, tribal, meditative, trance inducing, dreamscapes, electro-folk.

Welcome to the home of Astralseid!

It is hard to describe our music with a single word. We do not limit ourselves to a single genre or style. We just want to make music we enjoy ourselves. Inspired by all we do and our experiences in life. Mixing it all into one great pot of joy, love and ecstasy. For us, our music is deeply spiritual, a way of expressing the energies of both the outer universe and the inner core of our souls.

Seid is an ancient spiritual path of the north, where the seidmadr or seid-folk connect to the primal energies of the universe through trance and ecstasy. By song, dance and rhythm the seid-folk enters a deep transcendent state of mind, journeying through time and space, seeing the whole of the universe and manifest its energies into our world through sound. In this state of mind all things become one. Seid is a way of life, with a deep connection with nature. We are spiritual warriors fighting for peace and enlightenment, through love. We bring light to shadow and fear not the underworld.

This project is also a way for us to step outside our own musical comfort-zone, into unknown territory. It is also about not taking ourselves too seriously, to create with humor and joy, even for the darkest of tunes. This is also why we are not creating music of one spesific genre, we simply don’t want to put such a limit to what we create.

With decades of doing both music and seid we give you this from our hearts and soul. For us this is a deep spiritual journey, for you whatever you make of it. We hope it makes you dance, trance and feel alive.

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Introducing the Sarangi

The main instrument for the last track on Spirit Symbiosis is a very unique one, the sarangi. Have you ever ...
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Teaser: Spirit Symbiosis

Greetings all, We have put together a little teaser for our coming release "Spirit Symbiosis". Astralseid - Spirit Symbiosis will ...
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Release date for “Spirit Symbiosis”

We are proud to announce that the release date for our very first album has been set! This will be ...
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First release coming soon…

In this time of the corona virus we have isolated our selves in the studio, creating music to calm our ...
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Demo: Skydance

This is the very first song for the Astralseid project. A dance of spirits. Skydance by Astralseid Song credits: Gustav ...
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