Here you can read up on our other related projects.


Runahild has been making ethereal-folk for a very long time. Go to her official web page for more informaton and inspiration.

Spiritual Wilderness Living / Spirituelt Villmarksliv

We are also doing courses and retreats on spiritual techniques, music, and natural wilderness living. Follow the link to read more…

Gustav Holberg does a lot more than music. Check out his stuff at his personal webpages.

Rhythms of the Soul

This is not a musical project, but ment to be a spiritual tool. The first release is four tracks of drumming, ment to be used for meditation or spirit journeying. A collaboration with Lasse Ström and Viktoria Nilsson, from FärgKicken in Sweden.

Rhythms of the Soul – Bandcamp page

Folket bortafor nordavinden

We are also playing for Folket, a project based on ancient music and instruments, with a spiritual core. This project is headed by our good friend Benny Braaten.

Folket bortafor nordavinden – Facebook page