Welcome to Astral Synergy Productions!

A tiny music production company run by Gustav Holberg. I have set up main base at an organic mountain farm in western Norway. I produce music of multiple genres, ranging from acoustic, ethereal folk to electronic dance and trance.

Astral Synergy is an untraditional production company. The studio is an earthen cabin, with a stunning view and magical interior, powered by solar panels and food grown right outside the door. This is a place where one can fully focus on production, far away from cities and all their noise and distractions.

The main drive is to produce and spread music from genuine artists, who have passion for what they create.

Welcome to a future, where artist retain their freedom and most of the earnings from their music.

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Here are the projects that are produced by Astral Synergy Productions.

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Here you will find presentations of projects and artists that I have collaborated with.