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Astral Synergy is an alternative production company based at an organic farm in Norway. We produce music of multiple genres, including, but not limited to: ethereal folk, neo-folk, folktronica, electronica, dark ambient, noise, psyfusion and psytrance.

The studio is an earthen cabin, inspired by the viking halls of old. This is a place where one can fully focus on production, far away from cities and all their noise and distractions. These days most artists can not afford to spend much time in the studio, so everything has to be planned, rehearsed and tight before the band enters the studio. Here we do things a bit differently, we do what we can to provide a creative space, where you can explore your music and sounds. We would rather take the time it needs to get the sound and atmosphere you want, at a very reasonable price. We will support you along all stages of the production.

Our mission is to work with musicians with a passion for what they do, with artistic integrity and a deeper meaning behind it all.

We welcome a future, where artist retain their freedom and most of the earnings from their music.

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News and Updates

Rúnahild to release the book: “Of Darkness and Light”

Rúnahild is about to release a book that goes together with her latest album “Of Darkness and Light”.
“I am so happy to finally reveal to you the cover of my first book Of Darkness and Light, that will soon be released together with the CD edition of my latest album that came out digitally in April.”

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Our Projects and Productions

Here are the projects that Astral Synergy Productions are directly involved in.

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Here you will find presentations of projects and artists that we collaborate with. You will find their music, that we feature on, in our shop.