Welcome to Astral Synergy Productions!

A music production company run by Gustav Holberg and Rúnahild. We have set up main base at an organic mountain farm in western Norway. We produce music of multiple genres, ranging from acoustic, ethereal folk to electronic dance and trance.

Astral Synergy is an untraditional production company. The studio is an earthen cabin, inspired by the viking halls of old. This is a place where one can fully focus on production, far away from cities and all their noise and distractions. These days most artists can not afford to spend much time in the studio, so everything has to be planned, rehearsed and tight before the band enters the studio. Here we do things a bit differently, we do what we can to provide a creative space, where you can explore your music and sounds. This is why we don’t charge by the hour as most studios, but per day or week at a very reasonable price. We would rather take the time it needs to get the sound and atmosphere you want. We will support you along all stages of the production, from recording and arrangement to mixing and mastering.

Our main drive is to produce and spread music from genuine artists, who have passion for what they create. We are not going to grow our business, just for the sake of growth. The world have had enough of that nonsense already. We want natural and sustainable growth, going in to a future where all life is valued higher than money. We want to help artists get to stand on their own legs, to be independent, but supported. We don’t want to take a huge cut of your hard earned money, like big old-school labels are. We charge only for the actual work we do. We don’t want to control any of your creative process, but rather support your journey with our own experience and of course the awesome studio that we have. We want you to grow as an artist, to be able to flesh out your own identity. You will be the copyright holder, being able to do what ever you want with it, we will help you produce, release and distribute it.

We welcome a future, where artist retain their freedom and most of the earnings from their music.

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