Astralseid makes music for you to either lie down and journey within, or, even better, dance naked around a huge bonfire. Their booming rhythms and ethereal vocals takes you out of time and brings you inwards, towards your own core. The project was started late in 2018 with the release of the demo song: Skydance. In 2020 they released their first digital album: “Spirit Symbiosis” , a deep and atmospheric psybient (psychedelic ambient) album.

Finding inspiration within nature and the nature of human consciousness, their songs are made through improvisation and exploration of sounds, rhythms and melodies. All steps of the production process are done by Gustav Holberg and Rúnahild, in their off-grid, earthen cabin situated on an organic mountain-farm in Western Norway. They have been making acoustic music for decades, mostly in the nordic folk and experimental genres. Combining a multitude of instruments and vocal styles with electronic sounds and beats gave birth to the hybrid called Astralseid.

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