Traditional folk, rune and heathen folk, musical theatre and choral, rock’n roll, glam rock and heavy metal music are elements that shape the music of Johnny Hexx, who has a unique hybrid style.

Hailing from the midwest of the United States, Hexx has been on an eclectic and multifaceted musical journey throughout their life. Coming from a family that practised customs handed down since before their immigration, a respect and love for their ancestry started from a young age.

Their last name – Hexx – is derived from both the word “Hexe” in Deutsch, meaning witch, and an appreciation for 80’s glam metal artists. Being a bit of an oddball compared to their more standardly raised American peers started them down a path of rebellion. Hexx began a trend of going against the grain, of not bending to societal norms in their interests, spirituality, and religion. Music and song have always been a part of Johnny’s life. Their paternal grandmother commonly said “he was singing before he spoke his first word.” Music has always been by Johnny’s side in good times and ill. They were introduced to folk music of the Germanic and Irish Trad variety at an early age, this would come into play later in his life through the teachings from Irish musicians in traditional sessions, to songs and stories told around the fire after Blot and Symbel with his Kindred later in their life. They’ve been to Ireland to play and sing music twice and have also toured around the United States playing Irish music, though their love for Germanic/Norse flavoured music still thrived inside. Learning the Bodhran and tin whistle commonly used in Irish music, to hand drums and multiple vocal techniques (throat and overtone singing) for Norse/Germanic music, Johnny wishes to honour both sides of their ancestry in their music with what they have been taught by those styles. Adding musical theatre and choir/classical song training in their school years pushes them to not just bring quality sounds to their audiences, but also a show to truly earn the audience’s applause.

But of course, where would a rebellious soul be without rock and roll? Performing in multiple bands and groups since the age of 16, Johnny is no stranger to the aggressive passionate side of music that rock and metal can offer. Acts such as Livermore Reed, Vexus, Reverend Jack and Stolen Remains have had them as their lead singer for a period of time before leaving to pursue other projects, but playing with such talented musicians only fueled Johnny’s desire to perfect their vocal techniques in whatever genre they find themselves in.

Taking influence from a multitude of genres but staying true to their spiritual path and teachings, Johnny hopes to break down stereotypes of American Heathens/Heathenry and show the world that the gods can speak through anyone they choose, even a gender fluid strong willed and voiced person as themself. 

Their Motto (among many): “Remember the past while moving towards the future

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