Artist: Origami Disharmonika

Origami Disharmonika was founded in the late 90’ies by agent 149 of the alternative art movement and network Origami (Republika). It is a project that explores music and sound on a completely different level that popular music. Making music out of sounds that otherwise would be labeled as noise, using disharmonies to emphasise energies and moods, creating soundscapes in stead of regular melodies and rhythms. Origami Disharmonika is also a spiritually grounded project, exploring the depths of the Self, the Abyss of the mind and soul where each track is also a meditation or spiritual journey. This is dark ambient/noise, so absolutely something for those who dare venture outside the norms of what usually is called music. It takes you into your own deep, your own darkness, just as anything labelled dark ambient should! Music speaking the unspeakable!

Dishamonika has been dormant since the first and only album, Underworld, released in 2003 as a pure digital release. Now it is being revived with a remix and mastering of that very album. There is more coming too, so stay tuned for some weird sounds coming in the near and distant future.

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