After sitting on their own stilts and strumming the guitar, Rotbror emerged in the spring of 2022. The duo Ludvik Rot and Jacob Roots co-create musical expressions, self-composed tunes and folk tunes with inspiration from world music.

Ludvik Rot

The music is the way, the path and the sphere. Tempo and time are guided through beat & notes in harmony and down-to-earth presence. Ludvik is the founder of the reggae band Ustelt, and has several releases under the name Fnokk. As leader of Crucial Sundays Jam sessions and several other musical events, he is a contributor to the local music culture. As Dubaloo, he spins discs and has been a DJ for a number of years at various events and festivals. Horten Roots and the Reggae Festival and the Reggae Bar in Tønsberg were part of his contribution to keeping Caribbean folk music, Reggae alive in the Nordics.

Other ongoing projects for Ludvig include, Rotkollektivet and the duo Munin.

Jacob Roots

With guitar and vocals, we travel into melody, flowing notes and poetry. Through a combination of genres such as folk, reggae, dub, soul, electronic and hip-hop, Jacob Roots expresses his musical roots. Atmospheric, heartfelt and organic compositions that celebrate consciousness as a down-to-earth human experience.

Jacob had his debut single “Skogen” released in April 2023, and his second single “Homeward Bound” in May 2023.


First single to be released 26. October 2023.

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