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Playlist: Psychedelic Wednesday

Every Wednesday we present a psychedelic track, that has inspired us in any way. The term psychedelic, is interpreted in a wide sense and is not limited to certain genres, but rather what we perceive as psychedelic. As something to dance and trance to, for meditation and deep contemplation, music that expands the mind.

You will find all the tracks from previous Psychedelic Wednesday in this Spotify play list.

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  • Psychedelic Wednesday: In Raurani by Nebala

    Since it seems we are on a psyfolk roll here, it would be rude not to mention Nebala. Jonas Lorenzen is an amazing singer and an untamed songwriter. There is no doubt a lot of Heilung inspiration in it, but Jonas has managed to put his own mark on it, a uniqueness you seldom hear. You’ll also hear Gustav Holber on the sarangi. All made come alive by the great mixes delivered by Kjell Braaten. Enjoy the ride, folks!

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Vardlokkur by Rúnahild

    Fun fact about this song: It’s working title was «munnharpe ambient», meaning jaw harp ambient. No need to say that it did not end up as anything ambient, you’ll understanf when you listen to it. In this song you will really hear the power of Runahilds throat singing and other vocal techniques. This song is a ritual in it self, a dance of witches around the fire, deep in the woods. I hope you enjoy the ride!

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Aki Alu Ange by Folket Bortafor Nordavinden

    This is by far the most psychedelic of all the Folket Bortafor Nordavinden tracks, maybe because it is composed by Gustav Holberg. It is a magical song, somewhere between a mantra and a rune-song. Each letter in each word is a rune, with an intention or meaning of it self. It can roughly translate to something like: 

    “Wisdom comes from sickness and death, wisdom comes from healing and primordial energy, wisdom comes from the secret well and the dream journeys within”.

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Back to the Wild by Astralseid

    This Wednesday we focus on one of our own tracks. Since the two first ones were electronic electronic, this one is a hybrid of sorts, mixing synths, drums and various vocal styles. It is an improvisation, played live in the studio. Its intention is to connect with the wild, with nature and the sense that we are nature.

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Seeker by Carbon Based Lifeforms

    When it comes to psychill/ambient Carbon Based Lifeforms is certainly a project to mention. They make such great atmospheres, moods to sing into. This track is from their most recent album, with the same name. It is such a smooth song, that makes you feel like a fluffy cloud, floating through life.

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Still Valley II by Northumbria

    Northumbria is a dark ambient project that we discovered at Midgardsblot 2022. Playing bass and guitar through loads of amazing effects, they create soundcapes made for dreams. It is relaxing and soothing, so not so much for dancing as meditation, contemplation and inner journeys. Light a few candles or fire up in the fireplace and get ready for a sweet journey!

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Several Species… by Pink Floyd

    There is no way you can present psychedelic music without mentioning Pink Floyd, they were true pioneers of exploration of anything psy. It is hard to choose one track to sum it all up, so instead of picking one of the most famous or, eh, listenable, we present to you this very special track with its very long and weird title. Don’t worry, the track is even more weird. Sit back, drop out and tune in to this madness that is Pink Floyd!

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: When Shall I be Free by Shpongle

    You can not mention psychedelic music without mentioning Shpongle. Using sounds that most people would think would not fit in music. At first it might seem chaotic and weird, but in the end you realise it is the work of geniuses. It has humour, it is psychedelic and liberating. Free your mind and listen to When shall I be free by Shpongle!

  • Psychedelic Wednesday: Conversation by Sigil

    I would like to start with a new found favourite in the psychedelic electronic scene: Sigil. We were so fortunate to meet primus motor, Andrew, when we played at Forest Star Festival in Sweden. We shared accommodations and really connected, and as it seems we connect music wise too. So without further a due I present to you Conversation by Sigil!

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