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Psychedelic Wednesday: Ari3l – Bright Side of the Moon

Welcome to Psychedelic Wednesday!

Today’s track is: Bright Side of the Moon by Ari3l

Last year Rúnahild was invited to play at a Psytrance festival, held deep int the forests of Sweden: Forest Star Festival. For us coming from a totally different music scene this was a revelation for us both. We met so many fantastic people and got a lot of inspiration. One of them was Ari3l and here we present a lovely psytrance track, enjoy, dance and journey!

You can find the track on your favourite streaming platform through this link:

On Wednesdays we present a psychedelic track, that has inspired us in any way. The term psychedelic, is interpreted in a wide sense and is not limited to certain genres, but rather what we perceive as psychedelic. As something to dance and trance to, for meditation and deep contemplation, music that expands the mind.

You will find all the tracks from previous Astral Monday in this Spotify play list:

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