Robert Sant

Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Author

Robert Sant in the Studio!

Last week we were honoured to have Robert Sant in the studio to produce his next album(s). Robert is a singer/songwriter with a very unique style, mixing in the strong traditions of Swedish singer/songwriter traditions with country and a dash of Sami inspired joik. With his deep voice and even deeper texts and intentions, his songs are easy to be captured by and lets your thoughts and emotions flow. This is music with a meaning, with reflections on life and spirituality, that you rarely hear these days. We are very exited for this production and to see where it leads in the future.

Just in two days we recorded the groundwork for two albums, on with new songs and a rerecording of the already released album Mörkriden, translated from the original Swedish to English. We will keep you posted on the progress and eventually give you some release dates, stay tuned!

Robert Sant already has a good collection of albums and singles released, so you can check out his stuff on most streaming and downloading platforms.

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