Meet our new promotion agent: Weslyn Wolven!

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are now collaborating with Weslyn Wolven!

They will be helping us with promotion of all things from Astral Synergy. This is a game changer for us. We are a tiny operation and there is only so much time we can spend on creating promotion campaigns when we have lots of great music to produce. Wes will be doing a lot of graphic work, making banners, stories, reels and what ever we need. They’ll help us streamline the Astral Synergy brand and hopefully increase our reach. You might have seen some of their work already, posted on our social media channels. In addition they are also joining in among the artists here as they have chosen us to be producers for their music, stay tuned for more news on that issue.

Wes is a classically trained vocalist, loop artist, digital designer, fire dancer and more, a true multi talented artist… and yes, in case you wondered they are non-binary and prefer the pronouns they/them.

You can check out their stuff from the links below.

Welcome to the Astral Synergy family Wes!

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