Astral Synergy Productions is a music production company run by Gustav Holberg and Rúnahild. Based at an organic mountain farm in western Norway. Producing music of multiple genres, ranging from acoustic, ethereal folk to electronic dance and trance.

This not a traditional label or production company. To come here to do a production is not like other studios. Here you will experience so much more than time in front of the microphone. You can find your inspiration in nature and journeys both outwards and inwards. Follow the flow of inspiration and create music as an exploration into yourself.

Welcome to a future, where artist retain their freedom and most of the earnings from their music.


The Studio: Seidhjallar

Our current studio is situated 300 meters above sea level, with a stunning view. It is an A-frame cabin covered with soil, grass and herbs. The electricity is generated by solar panels. The food we eat, grown right outside the door.

Another studio is being built at this very moment. Resembling a viking hall it will have the same kind of atmosphere, but will be big enough to house all our instruments and gear, and still have lots of room for creative endeavours.

So much more than music production…

Right outside the studio door we are slowly building a permaculture garden. A garden that for the most can take care of it self, full of plants that generate food. A small designed eco-system. All of it organic ofcourse.

Rúnahild and Astralseid Jam-Session.

In addition to produce music we also hold courses and retreats with connection to nature is at its heart. Teaching plant knowledge as well as how to use music and sound as your own spiritual tools.

We value science as much as I honour the ancient traditions, but do not follow any one tradition, nor try to make a new one. Our goal is for each individual to find their own path. We welcome all beliefs, as long as you do the same. Mutual respect and no judgement is some of the thing we hold dearly.

What services can we offer?

We can offer the full service of the studio and surroundings. Recording equipment, earthen house as studio, food, lodging and a stunning view.

We can help you produce your music, including recording, mixing, mastering, artwork and more.

Daily activities related to our retreats and courses: Meditations, drum circles, walks in nature, permaculture and sustainable living.

The view from the studio.


  • Rúnahild: Wounded Healer (Album, 2022, Full production)
  • Astralseid: Electric Love (Album, 2021, Full production)
  • The Seawolf: Niflheim (Album, 2021, Master)
  • Rúnahild: Sacral Energy (EP, 2021, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by K.Braaten)
  • Astralseid: Shamanic Love (Album, 2020, Full production)
  • Astralseid: Spirit Symbiosis (Album, 2020, Full production)
  • Rúnahild: Astralseid (Album, 2020, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by Markus Skroch)
  • Rhythms of the Soul: Four Elements (EP, 2020, Full production)
  • Rúnahild: Seidhjallar (Album, 2019, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by Markus Skroch)