Astral Synergy Productions is a music production company run as a collaboration between Holberg scenekunst og media/Gustav Holberg and The Seidhjallar Project/Rúnahild.

Producing an album or a track here won’t be an experience you normally get in a studio. We are situated on an organic mountain farm in western Norway. With stunning nature, organic food and secluded accommodation in addition to the full service of our professional “viking hall” studio: Recording, mixing and mastering. We are producing music of multiple genres, including, but not limited to: ethereal folk, neo-folk, folktronica, electronica, dark ambient, noise, psyfusion and psytrance.

The studio is built with creative flow as the main focus. These days most artists can not afford to spend much time in the studio, so everything has to be planned, rehearsed and tight before the band enters the studio. Here we do things a bit differently, we do what we can to provide a creative space, where you can explore your music and sounds. This is why we don’t charge by the hour as most studios, but per day or week at a very reasonable price. We would rather take the time it needs to get the sound and atmosphere you want. We will support you along all stages of the production, from recording and arrangement to mixing, mastering and self-releasing.

If you feel comfortable you also play better, you are more relaxed and creativity flows more easy. This studio has its very own mood. Built to be a cosy, atmospheric and inspiring playground.

This is where you come for a very different production experience!

Studio 1: Seidhjallar

Seidhjallar is situated 300 meters above sea level, with a stunning view. It is an A-frame cabin covered with soil, grass and herbs. The electricity is generated by solar panels. This is where Rúnahild produces most of her releases.

Studio 2: Astral Synergy

This is our main studio, where most productions are done. It is also an earthen cabin like Studio 1, but much bigger. The outside resembles a large hobbit hole, but the inside looks more like a viking hall of old.

The studio is fully equipped with both the newest technology can offer as well as a plethora of old and new style instruments.

We have chosen not to separate the recording room and control room, it is all one. Main reason is for the creative flow and connection. Yes, we might sacrifice some sound quality over it, but we do think it is worth it. Making two rooms would give us two, just too small rooms, instead of one great space, that feels like a viking hall.

Our Philosophy

Redefining what a label is. Instead of taking control of your music, we simply help you to self-release. You keep all your rights to your music and the control of your releases.

We have to like the music and we prefer to work with artist that have integrity, good intentions and a strong creative drive. It does not matter wether you are an established artist or are taking the very first steps into a professional life as an artist.

We want to offer more than just a few services, where you pay and leave. We want connection, meeting other artist that can inspire us as much as we inspire others. We want to be the change we want to see in the world, by not basing all our decisions on money, but rather what we get out of it looking at the bigger picture.

We are not going to grow our business, just for the sake of growth. The world have had enough of that nonsense already. We want natural and sustainable growth, going in to a future where all life is valued higher than money. We want to help artists get to stand on their own legs, to be independent, but supported. We don’t want to take a huge cut of your hard earned money, like be big labels are. We charge only for the actual work we do. We don’t want to control any of your creative process, but rather support your journey with our own experience and of course the awesome studios that we have. We want you to grow as an artist, to be able to flesh out your own identity. You will be the copyright holder, being able to do what ever you want with it, we will help you produce, release and distribute it. It is time for the artists to have full control over their art!

We also want you to be able to experience the magical life here, close to nature, with trips to the mountains right behind us or to the sea right in front. Foraging for wild herbs and mushrooms, fishing in lakes and the sea, experiencing the nature that inspires us so deeply. There is no doubt that being in nature brings creativity, inspiration. It expands your mind and relaxes your body.

The view from Seidhjallar (Studio 1)

Our Services

Full Production

This means that we take the role as producers, together with you, we plan and execute everything from recording to the final stage of mastering. We will also assist you in releasing and promoting the material, if you wish so. We do prefer this option and it is the only option without an additional 25% VAT. Prices will vary for each project and must be discussed. It can range from a few hundred Euros for a single, to more than a few thousand euros, for a full album. It all depends on so many factors, that a fixed price is no option here.*


We set up and execute the recordings after your wishes. Prices will vary, so contact us for a talk.


For mixing the fare range from 150 to 350 Euros pr. track. If you hire us only for mixing a 25% VAT** will be added to the price.


For mastering the fare is 50 Euros pr. track, up to 5 tracks. 45 Euros pr. track for more than 5 tracks. Plus 25% VAT**. If you also want us to do the mix, each master is included with the mix.

Music Collaboration

Please take contact directly with the musicians you want to collaborate with.

Renting the Studio

Take contact for prices and availability.


For booking any of our services please contact us here.

For booking any of the artist, take contact with them directly.

* We are willing to exchange work for studio hours. We also run an organic farm and frequently need help with the tasks here. That means anything from tending our animals, weeding, harvesting or preparing goods for sale. If you do have a service that we really need, like video editing or writing articles, promotion, we are more than willing to trade hours. Contact us for a deal on this.

** Norwegian tax laws state that there is no VAT on artistic services, but for things considered being a craft, there is a 25% VAT. Doing only mixing or mastering on a song, without being part of the creative part of the song making, is considered to be a craft. If the mixing and mastering is a part of the whole production package, and we do take creative decisions, there is no VAT.

Food and Accommodation

We are situated a bit far from everything else, this is why we also have food and accommodation included in the price. The food is organic and mostly grown here on the farm. We grow a variety of vegetables, berries and fruits, in addition we have a few chickens for eggs and sheep for meat. Foraging and fishing is an important part of our daily lives here, so there will be the treat of seasonal wild foods. The accommodations are simple, caravans with attachment, placed secluded in the woods for that extra good sleep.


      • Johnny Hexx: Scritta (Album 2024, Full Production)
      • Astralseid: Frozen Time (Single 2024, Full Production)
      • Rúnahild: Of Darkness and Light (Album 2024, Full Production)
      • Johnny Hexx: Koma (Single 2024, Full Production)
      • Rúnahild: Free Spirit (Vinyl 2024, Full Production)
      • Sagason: Nidhoggr (Single 2023, Master)
      • Rotbror: Makin It (Single 2023, Full Production)
      • Rotbror: Vi kommer med fred (Single 2023, Full Production)
      • Rúnahild: In Between Worlds (Single 2023, Full Production)
      • Johnny Hexx: Fjolkyngi (Single 2023, Full Production, recorded by Johnny Hexx)
      • Origami Disharmonika: Underworld (Album Remix 2023, Full Production)
      • Jacob Roots: Homeward Bound (Single 2023, Full Production)
      • Johnny Hexx: Scritta (Single 2023, Full production)
      • Rúnahild: Free Spirit (Album 2023, Full production)
      • Jacob Roots: Skogen (Single 2023, Full production)
      • Rúnahild: Essens (Single 2023, Full production)
      • Sagason: Releasing the Ancestors (Single 2023, Master)
      • Johnny Hexx: Candle (Single 2023, Full production, recorded by Johnny Hexx)
      • Rúnahild: Veiviser (Single, 2022, Full production)
      • Astralseid: A Leaf in the Stream of Creation (Album, 2022, Full production)
      • Rúnahild: Wounded Healer (Album, 2022, Full production)
      • Astralseid: Electric Love (Album, 2021, Full production)
      • The Seawolf: Niflheim (Album, 2021, Master)
      • Rúnahild: Sacral Energy (EP, 2021, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by K.Braaten)
      • Astralseid: Shamanic Love (Album, 2020, Full production)
      • Astralseid: Spirit Symbiosis (Album, 2020, Full production)
      • Rúnahild: Astralseid (Album, 2020, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by Markus Skroch)
      • Rhythms of the Soul: Four Elements (EP, 2020, Full production)
      • Rúnahild: Seidhjallar (Album, 2019, Production, Recording and Mix. Master by Markus Skroch)