Psychedelic, ethereal, ambient, tribal, meditative, trance inducing, dreamscapes, electro-folk, psy-ethno, psy-fusion.

A Leaf in the Stream of Creation

Digital Album, released 10. September, 2022

We live in a time where we have disconnected ourselves from nature and because of that we are destroying the planet we live on. If we continue, even for a few more years, we will have ruined the delicate balance and no longer have a home that supports us. As I see it our main problem is our economical system, that rewards greed and exploitation. A system based on manufacturing crap, using and throwing, instead of manufacturing things that are repairable and lasting. We have given all power to a very few individuals and companies, that cares only about their own profit. As a result we end up with poverty, crime and conflicts over resources. What we all need is reconnection, to realise that we are nature, not separated from it. If nature suffers, so will we. We need to se ourselves as one, accepting our differences, uniting to save the planet and ourselves, and we need to do this NOW!

Personally the making of this album has been about learning. My electronic adventure started back in 2016, where I cast away a self imposed dogma of only working acoustically and the journey continues going deeper and deeper into the world of sound and for this album I have gone deep into the creation of synthesizers, making sounds from scratch. Of course I have not created all the sounds used on this album, that task would be too much at the moment. I love the process of learning something new, to go deeper and deeper into a subject. For me this is a spiritual experience as I see all knowledge as valuable and a part of my own growth as a human being. Learning anything brings focus, contemplation and action, it is a great source of inspiration.

My process of creating music might differ a lot from the general ways, these days. Most musicians strive for that one perfect take, with no errors, but for me this means that the track will have to be rehearsed to death. What I enjoy is improvisation, the nerve that comes with uncertainty and being in the moment. I want emotion and tension, not technical perfection. But getting this nerve and tension to an album is not easy, without it sounding like something too wild for most to listen to. It still needs to sound professional.


  • Produced by Astral Synergy Productions. 
  • Composed by Gustav Holberg. 
  • Performed by Gustav Holberg. 
  • Featuring on track 2: Rúnahild (Vocals), Bjørn Dahl (Guitar), Benny Braaten (Bass). 
  • Recordings, mix and master by Gustav Holberg. 
  • Bass recording on track 2 by Benny Braaten.


“The birth of consciousness was the birth of the physical universe, before that there was only energy. The universe spoke: “I AM” and all matter came to be. It wanted to explore and learn everything, experiencing every possible molecular structure. Thus its nature became ever evolving, ever changing patterns.  We them in the shapes of galaxies, we them in the growth of plants and fungi, and our very own neural network. We even see the same patterns emerging from the structures of the internet. These are the structures of consciousness. Knowledge, wisdom, emotion, thought and will, all experienced within these structures. 

I remember a time where humans were a part of nature. Speaking a language animals would understand, understanding the language of all living beings. Man was connected. Then the first words were uttered and this changed everything. You see, other animals don’t talk much of past and future. Living in the present, they mostly communicate current affairs. Like “Oi, there is food here” or “Fuck off, this female is mine”. By telling about the past humans could compare their experiences and by that multiply their knowledge. By talking of the future, humans could plan ahead. Inventions were made at an increasing speed, making way for the great expansion that was to come. In the process humans forgot their connection, even forgot that they are animals and as such, a part of nature. Thus, man started to exploit nature, instead of nourishing and caring for it. Humans no longer understood the language of animals and plants. To compensate man invented spirituality. Before no meditation, nor ceremony was needed to re-connect, they were already one with the conscious universe. Now they need all the spiritual power they can muster, to realise, again, that everything is connected.

The solution is as simple as it seems impossible, and the sad part is that humanity has had this knowledge for thousands of years, told them by great souls, like Sidharta Gautama, Jesus, Mohammad and Mahatma Gandhi. Firstly all people must lay down arms, hatred, vengeance and greed. Forgive enemies, no matter what they have done in the past. Then the process of healing can begin. Healing the traumas carried within. There are many things humans must forsake, like the systems that rewards greed and hoarding of resources, the very reasons for inequity. The planet has enough resources for all to enjoy and prosper, to live in a paradise. If all share this wealth, all become rich and none shall be wanting or needing. The truly hard part is that every individual must take this choice and do what it takes to change.”