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Artist: Jacob Roots

Instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, herbalist and rootsman.  With native Nordic presence and Jamaican roots, the soundscape of Jacob Roots moves through and

Artist: Origami Disharmonika

Origami Disharmonika was founded in the late 90’ies by agent 149 of the alternative art movement and network Origami (Republika). It

Artist: Johnny Hexx

Traditional folk, rune and heathen folk, musical theatre and choral, rock’n roll, glam rock and heavy metal music are elements

Welcome to our studio!

There is still work to be done, but the studio is now operational!

Artist: Sagason

Sagason is a Germany based, dutch multi-instrumentalist and composer that draws upon the stories and energies of the old pagans…

Playlist: Smooth as Silk in Darkness

This very chilled playlist has some great tracks for the time you’d like to sit in darkness and contemplate. Meditative,

Playlist: Featuring Rúnahild

Through the years, Rúnahild have had the honour to participate on several other music projects. Here is a list of

Artist: The Silent Nameless

All Hail The Sun featuring Runahild by The Silent Nameless The Silent Nameless is a solo project by Andy Oliver

Artist: Tore Holberg

Tore Holberg is a painter, graphic artist and editor. He has studied art at Strykejernet in Oslo, Norway, and at

Artist: Cirnu

ADIVAN · Nerbø x Cirnu – Whamageddon Cirnu is an experimental noise artist, he describes his project like this: “A