Here you’ll find our carefully curated playlists with hours of great music for you to enjoy.

Playlist: Psychedelic Wednesday

Every Wednesday we present a psychedelic track, that has inspired us in any way. The term psychedelic, is interpreted in

Playlist: Astral Monday

Every Monday we share a track that we have produced or where one or more of our artists are featured. You

Playlist: Smooth as Silk in Darkness

This very chilled playlist has some great tracks for the time you’d like to sit in darkness and contemplate. Meditative,

Playlist: Featuring Rúnahild

Through the years, Rúnahild has had the honour to participate on several other music projects. Here is a list of

Playlist: Music for the Soul

This is the official Rúnahild artist playlist: “A collection of songs that inspire me, songs that mean something special to