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Playlist: Smooth as Silk in Darkness

This very chilled playlist has some great tracks for the time you'd like to sit in darkness and contemplate. Meditative, relaxing, inspiring and going deep into emotions. You'll find both acoustic and electronic tracks, well known and unknown hidden gems. Curated by Gustav Holberg. Open in Spotify ...
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Playlist: Featuring Rúnahild

Through the years, Rúnahild have had the honour to participate on several other music projects. Here is a list of some of the songs she feature on. A playlist with a wide range of artists. Open in Spotify ...
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Playlist: Music for the Soul

This is the official Rúnahild artist playlist: "A collection of songs that inspire me, songs that mean something special to me and songs from some of my artist friends". Curated by Rúnahild. Open in Spotify ...
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