Johnny Hexx: Scritta

Digital Single, released 12. May 2023.

A Genderfluid/Non Binary fight song!


Digital Single, released 12. May 2023.

A Genderfluid/Non Binary fight song! 

Very few of the songs that I write or have written could be classified as “just-for-fun” songs, generally I write songs from my heart and soul with a clear message. “Scritta” is definitely one of the songs that most captures me and has a very very clear message. Scritta, to me, is a song of hope, strength, pride and in a way, a battle song. My journey as a genderfluid person has been a bumpy, rocky road that has not been easy for me, my heart or my soul. Being male assigned at birth and being placed in that box all my life (and still in that box with some people and groups) undoubtedly was a detriment and still is to this day. I am constantly called “dude”, “bro” and “man” for example, even on my most feminine days, and I never say anything because currently, it would be a losing fight. That alone tells me that there is work to be done. The research and support of genderfluid/queer folk has grown beyond even my wildest dreams in my lifetime, but there is still much to be done for people to be able to have the freedom to be their true free selves. Hegemony needs to be challenged, otherwise growth is never attained. The heathen community in the states for a long time was (is?) incredibly gendered, and no doubt there are plenty of the “old guard” still fixed to cisgender hegemonic man/woman only identities as being the only acceptable way for a heathen person to be. I’m here to state and show that this is not correct for every heathen. This song isn’t just me stating clearly and concisely my personal gender fluidity to the heathen/pagan community and the world at large. It’s me calling to those like me, those that are similar, those that have also struggled, to stand tall and proud. We may be a minority in either the heathen/pagan community or broader communities, but we are here, we exist and we should be able to honour our Gods, Goddesses and ancestors as we are.

Spirituality in my opinion and experience, needs both of these divine aspects, both Woman and Male, Goddess and God, Lady and Lord. To have both is to have balance, for both are strong and sacred in their own power. But myself and people like me, we are the bridge between, one who holds both in their hearts and souls and therefore we have our own power. and this song was made to help whomever it needs to, to stand in theirs.  

We flow between like the river, flowing between Woman and Man and Elsewhere in between, our spirits are not confined by what is between our legs or our natural appearance (be it masculine or feminine). We challenge the status quo and turn it on its head.  There are many songs honouring the strength of Women and Men respectively, well in my opinion, it is high time that the ones that go between, the two spirits, are also honoured and told that they are seen. Coupled by the horrid news stories of armed protesters and how they heinously tried to menace a drag show fueled this song in me and turned it into a battle song. I hope that those like me, hear this song, and are strengthened by it. This is no longer a song for my own personal journey. This song is for you, my genderfluid/queer folk, whether heathen/pagan or not, know that someone sees you, honours you and hopes that if you do struggle, that this song helps. To my Two Spirits, Winkte, Genderqueers, Genderfluid and Non-Binary folk, stand tall, stand proud.


Music and lyrics by Johnny Hexx

Recorded by Johnny Hexx at Hexx Hof  and Chance at Dead End Audio

Mixed and mastered by Gustav Holberg at Astral Synergy Productions

Cover photo by Frankie Gee Still Photography

Artwork by Gustav Holberg