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The Seawolf: Ginnungagap

Digital Album, released 14th August, 2020.

Featuring Rúnahild. Available on all streaming platforms.


Digital EP, released: 14th August, 2020.

01 The Yawning Void feat. Joshua Hróðgeir Rood
02 Hellulund feat. Runahild & Gustav Holberg
03 Isen Smelter feat. Phantom Astronaut
04 Wraith
05 Urðarbrunnr feat. Mathias Nordvig
06 Born from Abyss
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Såulf at Aliso Studio in Los Angeles, California.
Produced by Andrew Såulf, Dekker Dreyer & Gustav Holberg.
Lyrics from the Codex Regius, old norse translations by Dr. Mathius Nordvig.
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