The Seawolf: Ginnungagap


Digital Album, released 14th August, 2020.

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Digital Album: The Seawolf – Ginnungagap

01 The Yawning Void feat. Joshua Hróðgeir Rood
02 Hellulund feat. Runahild & Gustav Holberg
03 Isen Smelter feat. Phantom Astronaut
04 Wraith
05 Urðarbrunnr feat. Mathias Nordvig
06 Born from Abyss
Released: 14th August, 2020
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Såulf at Aliso Studio in Los Angeles, California.
Produced by Andrew Såulf, Dekker Dreyer & Gustav Holberg.
Lyrics from the Codex Regius, old norse translations by Dr. Mathius Nordvig.
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