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Welcome to our music shop!

All the releases in this shop are releases where we have been a part of the production. Either as featured artists or have done recordings, mixing and/or mastering.

For digital releases you will be directed to a Songwhip page, where you can select your favourite streaming or downloading platform. We recommend buying through Bandcamp.

Physical releases and artist merchandise are sold through this web site when you see the “Add to basket”-button. For everything you buy through this site, the money goes directly to the artist, only a small processing fee from this site and PayPal will be deducted. The artist is responsible for shipping. Mind you, this is not a huge corporation with lots of employees, so processing your order takes up to a week or so.

If you see a “Buy from …”-button, you will be redirected to an external site. This mostly goes for releases that are under a different label.


We are planning to roll out CD and Vinyl sales soon, stay tuned for more information!


Artists Produced by Us

All Artists and Projects

These are all albums, EPs and singles that we somehow have been a part of, either as part of the production or as collaborating artists.


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